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Oil Massage
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Jennifer Siegel
Registered Massage Therapist

My goal is to assist clients in achieving a sense of wellness; physically and mentally. This may be accomplished through a soothing relaxation massage, or by creating a plan for therapeutic treatments for recovery from an injury or a chronic condition. 


A woman having an aromatherapy massage
Swedish Relaxation

My foot and hand pain are under control with the exercises. My neck and arms are relaxed after my massage. I feel good after years of stress neck.


Jennifer has been a lifesaver! We use her services for regular maintenance as well as emergencies. She is always willing to help and with ongoing muscle issues and with the high demands we put on our bodies - we couldn't do it without her help. I would not hesitate to recommend Lakeside Massage to anyone I know!


Jennifer creates a beautiful atmosphere when providing her services. She really listens, and is intuitive and empathetic in her approach which leaves me feeling comfortable and respected. She goes above and beyond to provide tips and techniques for managing my pain points. I've always left her table feeling relaxed and improved in my whole body.


Jen has a gift of making you feel perfectly comfortable and at home while helping work out tension and sore spots. I highly recommend her therapeutic massage.



  • What can I expect at my massage appointment?
    Upon arriving, you will be asked to wash or sanitize your hands. On your first visit, you will need to complete some confidential paperwork, including a Health History and Liability Waiver form and possibly a Minor Consent or Authorization Form to submit claims to your insurance provider. We will discuss any of your health conditions, concerns and expectations of your massage. I will ask your preferences on massage table temperature and music preferences in order to create a relaxing atmosphere. When you are relaxed, your massage is more productive and the effects last longer!
  • How old do you need to be to receive a massage?
    Massage is beneficial for people of all ages! Infant - we teach the childs caregivers how to provide baby with a soothing massage. This is usually best done after a bath, and before bedtime. 12 yrs and under - Sessions start out at 30 minutes and progress to 60 minutes during future appointments. *One parent/gaurdian is required to stay in the treatment room during the massage session. 13-17 yrs - Most youth are ready for a 60 minute session. *One parent/guardian must remain on site, unless the minor, the parent/gaurdian and the massage therapist all agreee that the minor can be on their own. *** A Minor Consent Form must be completed for all clients under 18 years of age. 18+ years - Sessions can range from 30 minutes to 120 minutes depending on your comfort level and the issues that are requiring treatment. Treatment can be performed on the massage table, massage chair, or while the client is in their own wheelchair.
  • Do I need a doctors referral?
    There are not currently any requirements for a doctors referral to receive a massage. Some Extended Health Care or insurance provider plans may require a doctors referral before they will pay sure to check you plan before your appointment.
  • Should I eat/drink before my massage?
    Eating a light meal 90 minutes before your massage is recommended. Making sure your body is hydrated before your massage is very important. Drinking a mouthfull of water every 15-20 minutes is a great way to ensure that your body is able to absorb the water completely without flooding your kidneys!
  • Am I expected to talk during my massage?
    Massages are most effective when your mind and body are relaxed. For some, this will require silence and focus on breathing. For others, talking is relaxing (everything that is discussed is confidential). Your therapist may need to ask some questions during the massage to ensure your comfort or which may be pertinent to health findings during the treatment.
  • Do I have to undress for a massage?
    Discuss your comfort level with your therapist. Direct skin contact is more effective with oil or lotion; however, with this method you are always covered/draped except for the area that is being worked on. Clothed massage is optional, especially for a Seated Chair option. If opting to wear clothing (shorts/sports bra/tank top/bathing suit), choose items that are okay to possibly get oil on them. I do drape in a way to prevent this, but your clothing may touch the oiled skin after that part of the body has been massaged.
  • What if I cannot lay down?
    Accomodations can be made for face up, face down, side lying or seated chair massage to provide you with a comfortable experience.
  • Can I receive a massage if I am pregnant?
    Yes, however, it is always best to confirm with your doctor that there are not any complications in your pregnancy (ie: gestational diabeties, eclampsia) before booking your appointment. Accomodations can be made, using pillows and side lying techniques to ensure your comfort during your treatment.
  • Cautions and Contraindications for massage...
    Before treament begins, be sure to update your therapist if you have developed any of these conditions. Your therapist may require a doctors note approving treatment before your session begins. Local Contraindications (Treatment can procede on unaffected areas of the body) - Acute Inflammation / Inflammation of the skin - Broken/fractured bone - Recent Surgery - Varicosities (vericose veins) over sites with deep vein thrombosis - Local contagious conditions - Blood Clots - Open Wounds - Local irritalbe skin conditions - Undiagnosed Lump - Acute Lesion - Malignancy / over sites of active cancer - Skin Infections - Tumor - Acute flare up of rheumatoid arthritis - Recent burns - Phlebitis (inflammation of a vein) - Phlebothormbosis (thrombosis is the formation of a clot; in veins that develope thrombosis, the veins are known to have phlebitis) - Arteritis (inflammation of an artery) Complete Contraindications (Clients with these conditions should not get massage) - Burns (Severe) - Infectious Disease - Anaphylaxis - Appendicitis - Cerebreocardiovascular Accident (Stroke) - Insulin Shock or Diabetic Coma - Epileptic seizure (convulsions) - Myocardial Infarction (heart attack) - Pneumothorax (air or gas within the chest cavity around the lungs) - Severe asthmatic attach - Syncope (fainting or loss of consciousness) - Acute pneumonia - Advanced kidney, respiratory, or liver failure (a modified treatment can be possible with doctors consent) - Diabetic complications such as gangrene, advanced hear or kidney disease, or very unstable high blood pressure - Eclampsia - Hemophilia *severe type - Hemorrhage - Artherosclerosis - Hypertension - Medical Shock - Fever above 38.5 degrees C or 101.5 degrees F - Some highly metastic cancers (diagnosed not to be terminal) - Systemic contagious or infectious conditions Contact your RMT for further information, or physician for diagnosis.
  • Do you direct bill insurance providers? How can I pay for my session?
    Yes, I do direct bill through most insurance providers. Please feel free to contact me to confirm. If you do not need me to direct bill, payments can be made via: - Cash, etransfer - Debit (Swipe or Tap), Visa, MasterCard, American Express - Apple Pay or Google Pay
  • Where should I park? Which door do I enter?
    Please feel free to pull up the driveway and park under the deck/carport. If your not comfortable with backing out of the driveway, you can park closer to the road on the left hand side. One you arrive, come on in the private entrance on the driveway/south side of the house. We are now located in our new space in the lower level!

Jennifer Siegel


Spring Lake, AB, Canada

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